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The W. P. Snyder, Jr. steamboat is the subject of a new documentary produced by WOUB-TV. “Saving the Snyder” will chronicle the Ohio Historical Society’s yearlong restoration of the nearly 100-year-old boat. The documentary will premiere in Marietta on Friday, May 13 and in Ironton on Saturday, May 14. Tickets for the premieres are $10 and will be sold at the door.

Originally built by the Carnegie Steel Company in 1918, the W. P. Snyder, Jr. towed coal, iron and steel on the Monongahela River until 1953 and was given to the Ohio Historical Society by the Crucible Steel Company in 1955 for exhibit at the Ohio River Museum in Marietta.

Since 1955, the boat has been docked on the Muskingum River and provides visitors a look at the history of steamboats on the Ohio River. The boat was named a National Historic Landmark in 1989.

“Saving the Snyder” chronicles a 10-month, $1.4 million renovation on the boat’s hull and paddlewheel and includes the history of the boat with footage of the 146-mile journey from Marietta to a shipyard in South Point, Ohio. The program shows the tedious process of moving the historic structure, the complications of the renovation and the trip back to Marietta to welcome home celebrations from the community that has adored the W. P. Snyder, Jr. for generations.

The documentary was produced by Cheri Russo, WOUB News managing editor, edited by Jonathan Falk and narrated by Eddith Dashiell.

“Saving the Snyder” will premiere on Friday, May 13 in Marietta at Washington State Community College’s Harvey Graham Auditorium and Saturday, May 14 at the Riffe Building on Ohio University’s Southern campus in Ironton. Both events begin at 7 P.M. and are open to the public. Tickets for the event are $10 and will benefit the WOUB Center for Public Media and the Ohio Historical Society’s future renovations of the W. P. Snyder, Jr.

For additional information about the documentary or premieres contact Kelly Martin, WOUB public information coordinator at 740-593-4944 or

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