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Cynthia Davidson Bend’s feature story about Commodore William F. Davidson makes mention that at one point he owned or operated fifty different packets. With the assistance of Dutton Foster and information contained in Way’s Packet Directory, this listing was compiled. The Murphy Library at University of Wisconsin – La Crosse has photos of 32 of these vessels, while the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County’s collection contains images of 14 of them. Those 17 boats for which no known photo exists are: ANNIE, BAYARD, CONEWAGO, DAMSEL, EOLIAN, FRANKLIN STEELE, GONDOLA, GRAND PACIFIC, JACOB TRADER, JENNIE BALDWIN, JOHN RUMSEY, POMEROY, RED WING No. 3, S.S. MERRILL, TIDAL WAVE No. 1, VICTORY, and WINONA.

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