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In company with the article about the 1988 and 2012 expeditions to the wreck site of J. M. WHITE reported on page 7 of our December issue, Capt. Doc Hawley kindly sent a photocopy of this Baton Rouge newspaper account of the fire that destroyed the palatial steamer on December 13, 1886. By a strange twist of fate, Capt. Tobin had recently chartered the boat and placed some of the WHITE’s elegant furnishings in temporary storage prior to the fire. As a result, several items survive to this day as testimony to the elegance of this masterpiece of the Mississippi cotton packet. Some years ago, Doc was called upon to assist a New Orleans auction house in appraising and documenting several of theses pieces during the auction of Ray Samuel’s expansive collection of steamboat items. Two of the steamer’s chairs with fancy wooden inlaid JMW on their backs were acquired by the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium and are on permanent display there.

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