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Yesterday another box in storage coughed up this B/W photo of the Str. ISLAND MAID. No point in boring you with her statistics when you can run and pull down your WAY’S PACKET DIRECTORY and gaze on entry No. 2796 Pg. 227. I was thinking of David Tschiggfrie’s recent article in the REFLECTOR referencing the ISLAND MAID and last ISLAND QUEEN. 1932 is now a long time ago. Now to steamboat ‘forensics.’

This family photo I found was snapped from the bow of another boat on the Kentucky side of the River here just above Coal Haven. Who took it I have no idea with no notes or dates on the back of this photo shot. I ran it through HP photo to sharpen a bit. The boat is steaming up from the Public Landing here headed for CONEY ISLAND upriver from the mouth of the Little Miami River. The building on the Ohio side with smoke stack is the powerhouse and pumping station/water plant for our ‘Cincinnati Water Works.’ Capt. Bill Judd and I know these stomping grounds well. Not the best photo but when I find things, I like to share. So, take a long look and have a go. Hope it opens when you do the ‘click’ thing. Just bought a top line HP computer, printer with programs linked in as the other one curled up and died. Are there more? You bet. I get chills thinking now and knowing what other boxes, folders of river materials were pitched out here by accident or during moves.

— Dale Flick

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