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Featured is a barge carrying the first shipment of automobiles ever to move on the Tennessee River at Guntersville Ala. During the 1940’s and 50’s it was common for barge loads of new automobiles to be seen moving along the waterways of the Tennessee River, transporting from northern states to destinations south.

Yesterday another box in storage coughed up this B/W photo of the Str. ISLAND MAID. No point in boring you with her statistics when you can run and pull down your WAY’S PACKET DIRECTORY and gaze on entry No. 2796 Pg. 227. I was thinking of David Tschiggfrie’s recent article in the REFLECTOR referencing the ISLAND MAID and last ISLAND QUEEN. 1932 is now a long time ago. Now to steamboat ‘forensics.’

This family photo I found was snapped from… Continue reading

Colorful_Wide_Angle_LensTo all our S&D Reflector readers: if you have access to any photos of her Ladyship during her departure and move from Chattanooga today and in the coming week(s) that you are willing to share with the editor for inclusion in upcoming issues, we would be most grateful for any contributions you are able provide. Please send images as jpegs with at least 300 dpi resolution to  Any annotations or notes that you are able to supply with… Continue reading