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Two of the most unusual charters made by the steamer AVALON were the Girl Scout trips from June 23 – July 5, 1961. Decades after those Scouts had toured the Lower Mississippi on the AVALON, one of their number had opportunity to visit with Capt. Doc Hawley and reminisce about the trip. Doc was presented with a copy of the newsletter which the Scouts produced on that occasion, and has graciously shared it with us during the boat’s Centennial year.… Continue reading

In company with the article about the 1988 and 2012 expeditions to the wreck site of J. M. WHITE reported on page 7 of our December issue, Capt. Doc Hawley kindly sent a photocopy of this Baton Rouge newspaper account of the fire that destroyed the palatial steamer on December 13, 1886. By a strange twist of fate, Capt. Tobin had recently chartered the boat and placed some of the WHITE’s elegant furnishings in temporary storage prior to the fire.… Continue reading

John White’s compilation of steamers from 1831-40 reflects the rapid growth in the number of boats built during this third decade. The ten-year span requires three separate listings published in the December 2013, March 2014 and June 2014 issues. The first of these spreadsheets shown here covers steamers A-F of the period.

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Travis Vasconcelos’ September REFLECTOR article on the return of the AMERICAN QUEEN to river cruising was accompanied by these fine color photos taken aboard the boat in April. The original color shots were so striking that we feel compelled to publish them in all their splendor on our website. Since captions for each already appear in the magazine, we did not reproduce them here. We know you will enjoy viewing these images as much as your editor did. Thanks again,… Continue reading

Boats Built by Nashville Bridge Company for Western Rivers Service

This list of NABRICO-built inland river boats is compiled from 1945-78 issues of Inland River Record and Capt. Fred Way’s Packet Directory and Steam Towboat Directory. Not included are vessels built for use on the Intracoastal Waterway or deep seas. We encourage readers to submit any revisions or additions to this list.

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While Chuck Parrish’s program “Mr. Roosevelt’s Steamboat Remembered” drew many visitors on July 16 at the Howard Mansion in Jeffersonville, the Carriage House on the Museum’s grounds also played host to Indiana Historical Society’s traveling exhibit Steamboat a-Comin’, mentioned in the March and June issues of the REFLECTOR. This educational exhibit is traveling throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, teaching children and adults about the NEW ORLEANS and her lasting impact on our society.

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